Branding Services

The Design Booth can help you create, develop, and revise your brand. What do people think about when they think about your business? There are many elements to brand perception and I want to help you make the best mark.

Logo Design

Brand design and development

Redesign/refresh Logo

Brand style guidelines

Branded marketing materials

Canva Templates

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Logo Design Services

Whether you need a fresh logo for a new business or want to update an existing logo, I can help. As a classically trained graphic designer, I feel passionate about what makes a good logo. Hire The Design Booth to design, refresh or launch your logo and you won’t regret it.

Logo Design Samples

Logo Design Kit and Caboodle
Logo Design TAP

Branded Marketing Materials

Make a lasting impression with consistently branded marketing materials. From business cards, brochures and posters to email campaigns and websites, The Design Booth can create a set of marketing tools that reflect your unique brand. Call or email The Design Booth to get started on a package of branded marketing materials today.
Branded Materials Designed
Brand Style Guide Design
SouthLight's Brand Quick Reference Tool

Brand Style Guides

Does your small business have a team of people? If so, everyone on your team could be a brand advocate. A style guide can help all your brand advocates be on the same page about your brand and help convey a consistent message. A brand style guide can be a one-page guide or a multiple page book with more details. Whether you need a snapshot or a more detailed manual, The Design Booth can create a Brand Style Guide for you that is clear and easy to follow.

Canva Template Services

A good solution for a small business with a limited budget is to use a free online design tool called Canva. With some guidance and professionally designed templates, you can create designs that are on brand and don’t cost a fortune. The Design Booth will meet you where you are with your marketing budget. If custom-designed social posts aren’t in the budget, I can give you the tools to create your own by creating branded templates and some guidance.

To learn more about using Canva contact The Design Booth today.

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